Thursday, June 16, 2011

A 'musing' Thought #2- SARAH, "PILE IN!"

Sarah, you were right, mostly, about Paul Revere. He did warn the British of the colonists' intent per his own written account, and the Boston Herald on June 6th lined up several historians to defend your statements. Be right again. Back away from candidacy. By not running, you wouldn't be turning your back on your party. You'd be turning your back to a party! A suddenly very happy party. Don't rise in the polls. Spin around a pole. Heck, do one better and smoke some pole. Lots of pole. Think of the money that could be coming into the GOP coffers by allowing the GOP to cum in you. You got hotness, lady. Untuck, for the love of your fundamentalist, gay/poor/marijuana smoking/agnostic/civil liberty hating, finger pointing God, untuck, and let others tuck, as in money. The GOP needs a grand ol' party to get back in the game. If they can't have Goldwater, give 'em golden showers. Don't rail against the blue states, relieve those in a blue balled state. Give your boys an elephant show they'll never forget. You got it in ya, gal. Now go let some in ya.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A 'musing' thought #1- DON'T BOGART MY HEALTH

Pot advocates: quit using scrip stats to bolster your cause. 1.5 million Americans using medical cannabis legally is not progress. It's an epidemic wanting to happen.