Saturday, June 2, 2018

Immigration Policy

My platform's immigration policy is thus:

Any non-citizen must present themselves to an official immigration office and satisfy two requirements. Those being: proof(verification) of income, and a showing of genuine desirousness of being a citizen of these United States.

The first requirement is self-explanatory.

The second requirement requires that said applicant, having met the first requirement, must in the the presence of at least two certified immigration officials answer, satisfactorily, and in the affirmative, two questions. Those questions being:

1) "Are you really certain that you want to become a citizen of these United States?"
2) "Are you really, really certain that you want to become a citizen of these United States?"

Upon successful completion of the two requirement, the new United States citizen is provided with a packet of materials relating to pertinent rights and privileges(including, but not limited to: copies of, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution) as well as a white t-shirt with red & blue print on the front that reads- "USA-Classical Liberal born"


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