Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gaga Aghast at Rival's 'Stunt'

News out of the Lady Gaga camp is not smiley. On monday, July 24, just a day after the passing of songstress Amy Winehouse, Gags' agent issued a statement calling Winehouse's overdose a "clear effort at getting her name back in the headlines to sell some albums, because obviously her new European Tour(cancelled) and the many rehab assignments aren't doing the trick," adding, "she(Winehouse) realizes her own ways to generate pr have been severely lacking in shock value and pizazz of late, so why not take a page out of the master's(Gaga) handbook and die." When told that the Grammy winning singer had, indeed, died, he simply brushed it off with a ,"yeah, right." The press note comes from her agent, Troy Carter, but surely the pop star/publicity whore herself will be heard from soon. Most likely in a death topping stunt that will make us all forget the skank Brit with all those tattoos and addictions. The only question is, when?
One-upmanship in the glam-pop world is nothing new. Diva's of all stripes from every era have been busy trying to out freak the freak that shocked the public just prior. Think Diana, Cher, Donna and Bette.
Then Madonna came along and raised the bar so high that no one really came close to matching her stunt for stunt. Janet, Mariah, Celine, please... It seemed for about a decade that she was playing one-on-none with the music world. And nobody cried foul. Other artists basically just stood on the sidelines alongside the fans and mortified public, mouthing silent 'oh no you di'int''s as she pushed the envelope of acceptability, creating wide swaths of territory for up and coming pretenders like Brittany and Rihanna.
The replacement crop, to be nice, seemed to get the message that the exploits were over for a while. The public sighed, 'whateve'. That is, until one Ms. Gaga decided she'd had enough of loner picked on status and club struggling gargler, and went and got downright obnoxious.
She'd already worked hard on some musical skills and added dance and a nose for publicity and off she went. Whether crossing a Sydney stage in a wheelchair, touring as a mermaid, or a mermaid in a wheelchair(calling Bette Midler), dangling a mini penis, or wearing a suit made of Kermit the Frogs or raw meat, even getting trapped onstage, Spinal Tap-style, in her egg shell prop, Mother Monster knows how to get the world's attention. Millions of 'little monsters'(her fans) lap up every new stunt with awe, and self-acceptance replaces the fears of belonging to whatever outcast demographic that had previously quieted their lives. Album sales and tour merchandise revenues drown out the borrowed dance moves, mediocre music and the occasional hiss from certain rights groups who think that what she speaks for is really just a marketing ploy.
Her Gaga-ness is known to react quick and sharp against accusations and threats to her shock throne. So beware. We can only hope that she matches Ms. Winehouse's results, albeit in a more colorful and public way.

Monday, July 25, 2011


A 'musing' thought #5

No such thing as absolute truths? I beg to differ, and posit two from among the slipperiest, and slopiest of subjects in all examplahood: ART is always motivational and stimulating, never causal; LOVE is never blind, or universal, and rarely an end or answer, but will always see you through.

Monday, July 18, 2011

A 'musing' thought #4-OVER HEAR!

How I can give the world freedom: If I have no 'other' to fear, then I no longer have a place for hate to reside in me. No fag, no hick, no gook, no spook to wipe out. No rival to my throne. If I become a force for peace, then there's no more of me to hate. Thus there's no way to make me an 'other' to be feared.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A 'musing' thought #3-JUST(v)ICE

To those signing the petition to create "Caylee's Law": Wake the fuck up! You're bent because some whore got away with murder, O.J. style. Healthy reaction. Take that energy and go do some crunches or volunteer somewhere. Don't create a new felony. Don't let the present felons in Congress determine the 'timely manner' in which you have to notify the thugs in law enforcement as to how long your child, or the one that was just left in your charge a few minutes ago, has been missing. I don't support your kneejerk reactive response, but I will visit you in prison after you're sentenced because you decided to go looking for your kid when he was 40 minutes late from the math club meeting instead of notifying the government. Please think first.