Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How the $ Should Occupy Its Purpous

Answers to the question in today's Huffington Press article concerning where the money($500,000 and mounting) coming into the Occupy Wall Street movement should go: the library should buy more sturdy tables, rather than the shitty ones they're getting now; funds donated to the general fund should be 50% to Manhattan and 50% to all other sites; convert funds to silver or gold, not U.S. or alternative Bitcoin currency; individual sites should split incoming funds 33% to Manhattan site, 33% to general fund 33% to self. The funds dedicated to the Manhattan site should be used by Dutro and his core financial group to spend generously on that site(since that will, and should, remain the focal location) & to build up the national war chest & administration of admission into 501(c)(3) status.