Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dear happy secret place where I am perfectly safe...(5/19/13)

A recent documentary on recycling shows that people tend to go overboard and recycle too many items in an attempt to do what they believe is good. Which...leads to someone(actually, many people) having to sort through all those good intentions, meaning that it makes the job of recycling more expensive and less efficient, because people have to be hired and paid to do these jobs that are created by people trying to do good but not doing so good, really. ...America likes efficiency, and these jobs that are created work against that, and also threaten to drive up the costs of recycling, which is very good for the planet, even though it costs money, but at least it is a good thing to try to do, and certainly easier, much easier, and I'll bet dollars to donuts is way, way less expensive than coming up with things that don't do bad stuff to the earth in the first place, like biodegradable stuff and other natural parts and things, which would relieve the need to be concerned so much with what is good or not so good for the earth, although that wouldn't be very good because that would take something away, namely recycling, that people like to do because it makes them feel good by giving them a sense that they are helping to save the planet.'s what I'm thinking: get some of the best technology engineers to develop a video system, like in a smart phone app even, where a person can watch video of the stuff going along a conveyor belt and see and pick out the stuff that doesn't belong in the recycler, which can then be picked up by robot arms and put aside as bad garbage. Then people don't have to be right there, which means the recycling companies that are helping people recycle stuff can get people in other countries to watch the videos and they can save a lot of money because they don't have to pay those people as much money as they would have to here, and then we can feel really good about helping the planet without having to worry about what should go in the recycle can, and we won't have to pay more or need to think up ways to make things different.