Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How the $ Should Occupy Its Purpous

Answers to the question in today's Huffington Press article concerning where the money($500,000 and mounting) coming into the Occupy Wall Street movement should go: the library should buy more sturdy tables, rather than the shitty ones they're getting now; funds donated to the general fund should be 50% to Manhattan and 50% to all other sites; convert funds to silver or gold, not U.S. or alternative Bitcoin currency; individual sites should split incoming funds 33% to Manhattan site, 33% to general fund 33% to self. The funds dedicated to the Manhattan site should be used by Dutro and his core financial group to spend generously on that site(since that will, and should, remain the focal location) & to build up the national war chest & administration of admission into 501(c)(3) status.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"I AM standing up", said the short guy #1

"I do my best to keep my men alive while we carry out this sick policy of sticking our nose in other people's business. When was the last time you had a friend die in your arms or look for the leg that was just blown off of the man next to you? When was the last time you walked past dead children that were killed by U.S. weapons? I'm glad you can sleep at night, because many times I cannot." -Sargeant Lewis

Dear Mr. President: Please bring our troops home. Please stop the country you are leader of, my country of birth, from its rigorous meddling into the affairs of other sovereign states. Your short time in office has shown you to be a bigger bully than G.Dub, Bubba & even Bush Sr. Short guy notices these things, and can't keep quiet.

Monday, August 15, 2011

My Letter to the Editor as it appeared in The Chico Enterprise,8/14/11

The letter to Mark Sorenson from the executive board of the Chico Police Officers Association, dated July, 20, regarding the City Council's amendment to section 19.77(regarding medical marijuana dispensaries) of the Municipal Code states very clearly why local law enforcement cannot abide by it, or any other city guideline which goes against federal law, regardless of its just, moral or ethical standing within the community. In fact, they smartly pointed out that it is the precise wording in the Municipal Code, regarding the function of law enforcement, not necessarily the unspecific nature of our nation's Constitution, that ties their hands in this matter.
Nowhere in Section 2.28.020 of said code does it say that local law enforcement is bound to protect our rights, explicitly, as has been posited. One hopes that we might share a common vision with those we trust to maintain our public safety, but what the code really asks of them is to, "Prevent crime and maintain law and order in the city by enforcing the laws of the United States, the state, and (lastly) the city..." That is the crux of the biscuit insofar as what local sway we might have with law enforcement.
Between now and the next time the issue of dispensaries is argued before the City Council, which it will, as it should, I believe the wording of the Municipal Code should be perhaps modified so as to give our officers more discretion in carrying out local statutes.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A 'musing' thought #6

We the people hereby declare the Executive and Legislative branches of the Federal Government of these United States a national disaster.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gaga Aghast at Rival's 'Stunt'

News out of the Lady Gaga camp is not smiley. On monday, July 24, just a day after the passing of songstress Amy Winehouse, Gags' agent issued a statement calling Winehouse's overdose a "clear effort at getting her name back in the headlines to sell some albums, because obviously her new European Tour(cancelled) and the many rehab assignments aren't doing the trick," adding, "she(Winehouse) realizes her own ways to generate pr have been severely lacking in shock value and pizazz of late, so why not take a page out of the master's(Gaga) handbook and die." When told that the Grammy winning singer had, indeed, died, he simply brushed it off with a ,"yeah, right." The press note comes from her agent, Troy Carter, but surely the pop star/publicity whore herself will be heard from soon. Most likely in a death topping stunt that will make us all forget the skank Brit with all those tattoos and addictions. The only question is, when?
One-upmanship in the glam-pop world is nothing new. Diva's of all stripes from every era have been busy trying to out freak the freak that shocked the public just prior. Think Diana, Cher, Donna and Bette.
Then Madonna came along and raised the bar so high that no one really came close to matching her stunt for stunt. Janet, Mariah, Celine, please... It seemed for about a decade that she was playing one-on-none with the music world. And nobody cried foul. Other artists basically just stood on the sidelines alongside the fans and mortified public, mouthing silent 'oh no you di'int''s as she pushed the envelope of acceptability, creating wide swaths of territory for up and coming pretenders like Brittany and Rihanna.
The replacement crop, to be nice, seemed to get the message that the exploits were over for a while. The public sighed, 'whateve'. That is, until one Ms. Gaga decided she'd had enough of loner picked on status and club struggling gargler, and went and got downright obnoxious.
She'd already worked hard on some musical skills and added dance and a nose for publicity and off she went. Whether crossing a Sydney stage in a wheelchair, touring as a mermaid, or a mermaid in a wheelchair(calling Bette Midler), dangling a mini penis, or wearing a suit made of Kermit the Frogs or raw meat, even getting trapped onstage, Spinal Tap-style, in her egg shell prop, Mother Monster knows how to get the world's attention. Millions of 'little monsters'(her fans) lap up every new stunt with awe, and self-acceptance replaces the fears of belonging to whatever outcast demographic that had previously quieted their lives. Album sales and tour merchandise revenues drown out the borrowed dance moves, mediocre music and the occasional hiss from certain rights groups who think that what she speaks for is really just a marketing ploy.
Her Gaga-ness is known to react quick and sharp against accusations and threats to her shock throne. So beware. We can only hope that she matches Ms. Winehouse's results, albeit in a more colorful and public way.

Monday, July 25, 2011


A 'musing' thought #5

No such thing as absolute truths? I beg to differ, and posit two from among the slipperiest, and slopiest of subjects in all examplahood: ART is always motivational and stimulating, never causal; LOVE is never blind, or universal, and rarely an end or answer, but will always see you through.

Monday, July 18, 2011

A 'musing' thought #4-OVER HEAR!

How I can give the world freedom: If I have no 'other' to fear, then I no longer have a place for hate to reside in me. No fag, no hick, no gook, no spook to wipe out. No rival to my throne. If I become a force for peace, then there's no more of me to hate. Thus there's no way to make me an 'other' to be feared.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A 'musing' thought #3-JUST(v)ICE

To those signing the petition to create "Caylee's Law": Wake the fuck up! You're bent because some whore got away with murder, O.J. style. Healthy reaction. Take that energy and go do some crunches or volunteer somewhere. Don't create a new felony. Don't let the present felons in Congress determine the 'timely manner' in which you have to notify the thugs in law enforcement as to how long your child, or the one that was just left in your charge a few minutes ago, has been missing. I don't support your kneejerk reactive response, but I will visit you in prison after you're sentenced because you decided to go looking for your kid when he was 40 minutes late from the math club meeting instead of notifying the government. Please think first.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A 'musing' Thought #2- SARAH, "PILE IN!"

Sarah, you were right, mostly, about Paul Revere. He did warn the British of the colonists' intent per his own written account, and the Boston Herald on June 6th lined up several historians to defend your statements. Be right again. Back away from candidacy. By not running, you wouldn't be turning your back on your party. You'd be turning your back to a party! A suddenly very happy party. Don't rise in the polls. Spin around a pole. Heck, do one better and smoke some pole. Lots of pole. Think of the money that could be coming into the GOP coffers by allowing the GOP to cum in you. You got hotness, lady. Untuck, for the love of your fundamentalist, gay/poor/marijuana smoking/agnostic/civil liberty hating, finger pointing God, untuck, and let others tuck, as in money. The GOP needs a grand ol' party to get back in the game. If they can't have Goldwater, give 'em golden showers. Don't rail against the blue states, relieve those in a blue balled state. Give your boys an elephant show they'll never forget. You got it in ya, gal. Now go let some in ya.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A 'musing' thought #1- DON'T BOGART MY HEALTH

Pot advocates: quit using scrip stats to bolster your cause. 1.5 million Americans using medical cannabis legally is not progress. It's an epidemic wanting to happen.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

PETA Seeks, Gets Injunction Against Band's Name

PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS (PETA) is broadening it's scope well beyond the usual suspects such as the fur industry and research centers that use animals in their testing. Far enough, in fact, to include those persons and groups who don't necessarily actively harm animals per se, but might lead individuals to think that they are helping them through their message or organization's name, thus misleading the public.
One such example is their February 19 Nevada County court approved injunction against the funk band ALO which stands for Animal Liberation Orchestra. As PETA spokesperson Caroline Stein said, "This was an easy issue to get behind. Just look at how quick the judge signed the order. These guys are running around, calling themselves 'liberators' so they can dupe well intentioned white hippies, who by the way, are far more affluent & bathed than what the masses might think, out of their money. Misrepresentation like this needs to be dealt with and I'm glad we've lit that torch." Asked whether they had evidence of animal exploitation or physical harm to them caused by the popular, but un-Grammy nominated group, she said, "Physically, no. But they might as well. They take this grandiose name, sell their cd's and there merchandise based on that 'oh so kind and courageous' moniker, as if they were some sort of saviors, just so they can laugh all the way to the bank."
Nobody was at the courthouse to represent the band. apparently they were out ripping off more bad dancers. Jack Johnson, longtime friend & collaborator of the band said that he had hinted of a possible problem when they were recording their last CD at his place in Hawaii. "Yes, I mentioned this to the boys, and there was even some tension throughout my neighborhood regarding this. I'm an artist, but I'm also a businessman, and I can't have this sort of thing around me. They were like, 'dude, chill'. I'm just glad somebody finally stepped up and did something. Maybe they'll actually start doing something positive for the cause. Until then, 'Caio'."
News hit the band hard, as did coming down off E from the night before. No comment from the members, but it is rumored that they will adopt a Spinal Tap song name as their temporary moniker("Big Bottom" leads "Lick My Love Pump" in a fans poll on their Facebook page) until a permanent name change can be thought up, or they get permission from the court to re-instate ALO from the judge, though the community service & arson required as part of their punishment might be more than these kids can handle. Bassist, Steve Adams was overheard saying that he was going back to Santa Barbara, re-enroll to get his Public Administration degree and try to put this shameful part of his life behind him.
PETA is next going to seek out anyone wearing an ALO shirt and throw acid on them so that this sort of tomfoolery does not continue.